DZLA 'Our Planet' Premium Women's T-Shirt
DZLA 'Our Planet' Premium Women's T-Shirt
DZLA 'Our Planet' Premium Women's T-Shirt

DZLA 'Our Planet' Premium Women's T-Shirt

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Anything but basic is the 'Our Planet' Women's premium cut. With particular attention to the shoulder, neckline and waist, this is our classic female fit, designed to flatter not smother.

- 170gsm 
- 1.5cm Ribbing and neckline
- Slightly curved hem 
- Industrially twin-needled hem and sleeves  
- 60% Recycled Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester

Embroidered logo for that premium look that will age with style.

 Designed in Melbourne and ethically made in India, this is part of the 'Our Planet' range as we strive to use ethically produced & sustainable materials to help our planet.

Delivery guaranteed within 5days if located within 30kms of Melbourne Australia

By Choosing this T-Shirt you are saving:

2700 Litres of Water

170 grams of Textile Waste

4.5 plastic bottles from Landfill




Why choose us?

Reason one

SeaTrees are striving to help 'Our Planet' and using sustainable and eco-friendly materials where possible.

We have partnered with the fantastic organisation SeaTrees to help reforest our oceans & reverse climate change and for every 'Our Planet' product purchased we will plant a mangrove tree on your behalf as we proceed to our goal of planting 1 mangrove tree per day in 2021.

Learn more about how you can get involved at:

Reason two

Headspace have a a focus on helping 'Our Future' via support of our mental health & wellbeing.

We have partnered with an amazing organisation Headspace to help in this cause, and give part of the profits from all 'Our Future' products sold back to provide further support not only Adult mental health but for youth mental health also.

Learn more about how you can support this cause at:

Our Planet & Our Future

Celebrating our 2 fantastic partnerships with HEADSPACE AUSTRALIA & SEATREES CALIFORNIA