We are on a mission....
....To save our planet and support our mental health and wellbeing

Our Planet Tee Giveaway

It's Our Planet Tee giveaway time.

Simply purchase any product and add one of the Our Planet Everyday or Our Planet Premium Tees to your cart and you get this for FREE!

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Our Mission

What are we about

We strive to use recycled materials & local suppliers where possible & have partnered with 'SeaTrees' to help our planet even further, & focus on giving back some of our profits to further supporting youth & adult mental health through our partnership with organisation 'headspace' 

We aim to help Our PlanetOur Future and the Next Gen and would love to have you join our extended DZLA family & be part of this exciting journey together.

Our Proud Partnerships
Supporting Mental Health & Reforesting Our Oceans

We feel more positive each day & thankful for increased awareness on such important issues by joining forces with our key charity partner 'Headspace' and we give some of our profits back to support youth and adult mental health.

We are also so inspired everyday on what is achieved as we join forces with our key environmental partner 'SeaTrees' and 'Sustainable Surf' and we are all so committed to help save our beautiful oceans by planting mangrove trees & restoring kelp forests.

The Story behind our collections
The 'Our Planet' collection is out to make a difference using sustainable materials & partners with 'SeaTrees' to re-forest our oceans. The 'Our Future' collections is out to help our mental health & wellbeing and partners with 'Headspace' where we give some of our profits back to support youth & adult mental health. The 'Next-Gen' collection is striving to inspire the our important next generation to show love and achieve amazing things, embrace our cultural differences, be courageous. The 'Love Local' Collection is in collaboration with our wonderful local community & 'Colourful World' to showcase amazing places around the world in colour.

what our customers are saying

Love the products, and how they are giving some of the profits back to the community. Great work Team!

Alexandra (Melbourne, Australia)

Amazing clothing & service, and so great to see they care about the planet & our wellbeing. Highly recommend.

Barbara (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Sustainable fashion is a huge tick for me. That's why when I discovered this local Melbourne brand I knew I had to support them by purchasing a tee. Can I add they are super comfortable too.

Zana (Melbourne, Australia)

I love how these guys are local, have a mad ethically produced street wear range and donate part of their profits to support mental health & well-being...it doesn’t get better than this!

Ashton (Melbourne, Australia)

I love how these guys are doing great things for the planet, mental health and the next generation. They are not only sustainable but super soft.

Catherine (Sydney, Australia)

Love me tees! They are super soft and comfy and gets better the more I wear it 👌

Duncan (Melbourne, Australia)

Their gym gear is so comfy and great for to help you perform at your best. 💛

Helen (Melbourne)

The women's gym singlet is so comfortable and is great fabric & has a lovely feel I am going to grab myself another.

Priscilla (Melbourne)

The jumper I got is so cute, and I love it. Thanks team!

Skylar (London, UK)

The tee is awesome and I wear it with pride knowing how it helps our planet.

Tal (Los Angeles, USA)
Our team
Team dzla

If you have a question, need any help, want to know more or just want to give us a virtual high five....we would love to hear from you.

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