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By choosing one of our featured 'Our Planet' premium T-Shirts you are saving a total of:

[2700 Litres of water]

[170 grams of textile waste]

[4.5 plastic waterbottles from landfill]



Story behind the collections.

'Our Planet' Collection

There are many ways we can all do our part to help with the future of our planet (big or small) and this can be by trying to avoid waste, using sustainable & ethically produced products or simply helping with the environment in your local community.

This is the driving force behind the 'Our Planet' collection where we use sustainable & ethically produced materials from start to finish for all our garments.

Our products can help not only reduce the volume of plastic floating in our oceans & harming our amazing marine life, but can also reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill.

We have partnered with an amazing organisation 'SeaTrees' who are doing some great things for our planet & we are excited about how together we can help the future of our planet even further.

Please join us in our eco-friendly fashion revolution.

'Our Future' Collection

There is saying 'The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of wellbeing'...and that can occur in many forms, but more importantly it is about showing love to others.

That's why we have started the 'Our Future' collection to further support our communities mental health & wellbeing and it is all about giving back to help those in need.

Part of the profits of all purchases from this range will go to supporting the amazing mental health & wellbeing organisation 'Headspace' and be given back as ongoing donations to help support the mental health & wellbeing of both youth & adults.

Please join us as we make noise and show our support for those doing it tough, sometimes in silence.

'Next-Gen' Collection

This collection is all about our future generation of talented,
special and important individuals.

Our aim is to provide fantastic pieces that will help to inspire our 'Next-Gen' to achieve greatness and become the best version of themselves & show love to others.

When there can be so many future challenges for our Next-Gen it is so important to keep them on the right path & we try to do that through inspiring pieces.

Please join us as we try to inspire the Next-Gen to achieve the amazing things we know they are capable of.

Forged by family.

DZLA was created from a love of family (it is in the name after all), but it is also to create something special everyone can be a part of.

We aim to provide consumers with a number of fantastic options by choosing pieces that are not only important for our planet but great for our future & our next generation.

Timeless Style.

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What our customers are saying

Love the products, and how they are giving some of the profits back to the community. Great work Team!

Alex (Melbourne)

Amazing clothing & service, and so great to see they care about the planet & our wellbeing. Highly recommend.

Barbara (New Zealand)

Sustainable fashion is a huge tick for me. That's why when I discovered this local Melbourne brand I knew I had to support them by purchasing a tee. Can I add they are super comfortable too.

Zana (Melbourne)

I love how these guys are local, have a mad ethically produced street wear range and donate part of their profits to support mental health & doesn’t get better than this!

Ashton (Melbourne)

I love how these guys are doing great things for the planet, mental health and the next generation. They are not only sustainable but super soft.

Catherine (Sydney)

Love me tees! They are super soft and comfy and gets better the more I wear it 👌

Duncan (Melbourne)

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