For the Planet

I want to give you another clothing brand option rather than the mass-produced overseas clothing brands that don't have a focus on sustainability, the environment or our planet.

My goal is to ultimately offer high quality 100% organic, recycled or eco-friendly products that are ethically manufactured locally here in Australia.

As I am working towards this goal, I am continuously looking at ways to make changes to ensure my range is as good for the environment as possible & via ethically produced suppliers.

My current designs are printed & embroidered on suppliers like Stanley/Stella, AS Colour, District, Next Level, B&C and Royal Apparel garments to name a few, which are all well known for their quality, range options and being ethically sourced, and include organic, recycled and eco-friendly options.

I run this clothing brand by myself, from my family home in Altona, Melbourne Australia. This means that as I don't personally have a bricks a mortar store or huge warehouse to hold stock which uses a ton of power I am outsourcing where required to try and reduce my carbon footprint.


If you have any question for my about my brand, I am always happy to chat. Feel free to send me an email us and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.