The ocean has the POWER to reverse climate change.

Here at DZLA we are super excited to partner with SeaTrees & Sustainable Surf on the Mangrove tree planting project.

This project restores and protects 1,000 hectares of highly degraded mangrove forest in Biak in West Papua in Indonesia.

Biak Island's mangrove estuaries are 75% deforested. The project employs local villagers to plant a diverse mix of mangrove species, creating both jobs and healthy ecosystems.

Biak Island is located in the center of the Coral Triangle. The reefs around Biak have some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet.

 Key Impact Metrics

 Every 30 mangrove trees planted:

- Creates 1 day of living-wage employment for local community members, helping to support 55 families

- Provides resources for local education

- Protects local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise

- Serves as critical nursery grounds for fish and shellfish, and increases local marine productivity

- Has the potential to sequester more than 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide of the 25 year life of the trees

Each mangrove tree planted sequesters approximately 680 lbs [308kg] of C02 over its lifetime.

We can all do our part (big or small) to help the future of our planet, and it starts by saving our beautiful oceans & the team here at DZLA aim to plant 1 tree every day in 2021! 🙏 and evert Our Planet product purchased we will plant a tree on your behalf (double win).
Please join us along with the SeaTrees & Sustainable Surf crew on this important journey.
To learn more about SeaTrees and how you can help click below:


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