Small steps everday to support your mental health & wellbeing

You probably have a lot going on right now. At times like these it can help to focus on the small everyday things that support your mental health.

Whether it's 15 seconds or 5 minutes, try taking some time and space to focus on the things that make you smile.

What's your small step going to be today?

Try these 7 steps for a healthy headspace from a fantastic article by Headspace Australia:

1 - Get into life (getting into life can help boost your mood and give you a sense of achievement)

2 - Learn skills for tough times (Developing your own positive ways to handle tough times can make you more resilient, develop your self-awareness and build your confidence. All these things help to keep your headspace healthy)

3 - Create connections (Putting time into your relationships can help you feel connected, boost your energy and, ultimately, help you keep a healthy headspace)

4 - Eat well (Eating well gives you more energy, helps you sleep better, improves your concentration and, you guessed it, keep a healthy headspace)

5 - Stay active (Staying active can improve your sleep, give you more energy and help manage stress - all helping you keep a healthy headspace)

6 - Get enough sleep (Getting the right amount of good sleep can give you more energy, improve concentration, help you better deal with stress and, you guessed it, keep a healthy headspace)

7 - Cut back on alcohol and other drugs (When you limit alcohol and other drugs you can clear your mind, improve your energy, and boost your motivation. And, you have a better chance of keeping your headspace healthy)


To learn more about the steps you can take to help create a better headspace for yourself or your loved ones, click on the link below.

 Article brought to you by the amazing team at Headspace Australia our #1 Charity Partner.






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