Important benefits from the 'Our Planet' collection

Hi All,

So....I know we have given some content and story behind the 'Our Planet' collection, but there is certainly some amazing & surprising benefits behind some of the range on this collection.

Across the range we search for and end to end process that has sustainability & ethically produced materials to show support for our planet, from the use of recycled or organic materials in our garments to the packaging.

One of the ranges in particular that is coming soon is the 'Our Planet Premium' range as some big positive impacts towards our planet.

For every t-shirt you choose, you are saving

  • 2700 Litres of Water
  • 170 grams of textile waste
  • 4.5 plastic bottles from landfill

We can all do our bit and every little bit helps in helping our planet thrive for future generations, so please support the 'Our Planet' range.




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